"Publish & Thrive changed my life..."

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Sarra’s Cannon's Publish & Thrive course literally changed the trajectory of my publishing journey. For so long I felt discouraged by the agonizing slowness of the traditional publishing world & overwhelmed by self publishing.


But! Only 1 YEAR after taking Publish & Thrive, I finally got my series On Wings of Ash and Dust published as ebooks, I started building my readership, brought in lots of lovely reviews, & now it’s finally released as a paperback too!

To learn more, check out the FAQ below, watch my video review, or email me at authorbrittanywang@gmail.com with any other questions! I'd love to see more authors find success through Sarra's course.

If you're excited to register & want to support me at the same time, you can purchase the course through my affiliate link (click the button below). I only become affiliates of products I 100% believe in. Either way, I hope you check out this amazing course!

NOTE: This course only opens for registration 2 times a year and the price might be higher next time! To register for this round, make sure to sign up by Sunday, Feb 7th @ Noon EST!



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