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Brittany Wang is a Young Adult author, Course Creator for Authors & YouTuber.

Check out her debut YA Fantasy, On Wings of Ash and Dust, HERE.




Hello, friends! I first fell in love with words through music at a very young age, coming up with song lyrics and melodies when I was still in diapers. As I got older, I was the nerd in school that absolutely loved annotating and discussing literature. I eventually started writing my own stories, as well as fan fiction, and even hosted my own RPG site for a while! 


Whether it was through song, fiction, or even theater, I've always loved communicating a message through story. For the longest time, telling a story through song had been my focus. In fact, in college I came out with my own Album on iTunes, was a part of a band for a while, and was a volunteer and paid worship leader for many years.

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In late 2017, however, music became more a job than a joy, and I felt the strong tug back to fiction writing. What started as a desperate need for another creative outlet and a "bucket list" desire to publish at least one book, quickly turned into publishing my first book as well as helping other writers full-time—and I have absolutely loved the journey so far!

I debuted in 2021 as an indie author of the YA Epic Fantasy, On Wings of Ash and Dust, which I liked to say is THE HUNGER GAMES meets Harry Potter's Triwizard Tournament, but with royal fae (and no spice romance!). You can find out more about it HERE. And Book 2 is in the works now!


I've also become passionate about connecting with and helping other writers! Because of this, I started my AuthorTube Channel where I share about my author journey and what I'm learning along the way. After wanting to more intentionally invest in a smaller group of writers, I also created a writer's community through Patreon where I offer exclusive resources and group coaching as well as multiple Courses for Writers that want to reach their dreams.


When I'm not writing, I love spending time with my husband, my son, close family and friends, and being involved in my local church.

If you'd like to know more about my books, you can check out my BOOKS page and if you have any questions, feel free to check out my FAQ section or CONTACT me or reach out to me on any of my socials! I'm also available for interviews if you are a blogger, vlogger or podcaster!

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