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Crush Your Writing Goals & Find Community
Author Life Goals
2021 Writer Goals Wrap Up.png

Productivity tips and tools for writers:


Goal Setting & Scheduling

Tools: Bullet Journal, Trello, Google Cal

Start a Writer's Mastermind Group

and more!

Monthly "Plan With Me"
Writing Writer Plan With Me June

Every month join me live to:


Reflect & Celebrate Current Month

Set Goals for Upcoming Month

Get my latest Productivity Tips

and more!

Find Community
Wander Writers Retreat Vlog.png

Tips on how to connect with:


Writer Friends

Critique Partners

Accountability Partners

and more!

Want more personal help with your goals? Learn about my MENTORSHIP GROUP!

Write, Edit & Publish Your Novel
Writing Tips
Livestream Thumbnails (3).png

Writing Tip videos such as:


Free Novel Writing Course 
How to Title Your Book

Craft Books for Writers

and more!

World Building

Worldbuilding Tips & Tools:


Worldbuilding Templates

Make your World feel Real

How I created my Fantasy World

and more!

Critique Partners
Critique Partners.jpg

All about Critique Partners:


What are they?

How to find the best one

Q&A Session

and more!

Serial Series
YouTube Thumbnail (15).png

All about Serial Series:


What are they?

How to Write them

How to Publish them

and more!

Plotting & Outlining
Outlining a Novel Save the Cat Writes a

Plotting tutorials & events:


Outlining Methods

Series Bible Templates

Outline a Novel with Us

and more!

Drafting / NaNoWriMo
NaNoWriMo tips 2021 Survival Kit Must Haves.png

Drafting / NaNo Tips & Tools:


NaNoWriMo Must Haves

Prep your NaNo Project

Drafting Tips

and more!

Beta Readers
How to Find Beta Readers.jpg

All about Beta Readers:


What are they?

How to find the best ones

Organizing their feedback

and more!

Character Development
How to Create Book Characters with the Enneagram character development tips character arc

Character Tips & Tools:


Character Profile Templates

Tools like the Enneagram

How I created my Characters

and more!

Editing & Revising
How to EDIT YOUR NOVEL using Trello Revi

Tips on how to connect with:


Writer Friends

Critique Partners

Accountability Partners

and more!

Publishing & Marketing
Self Publishing vs Traditional vs Hybrid

Publishing & Marketing tips:


Best Pub Route for You

Trad & Self Pub Tips

Marketing Tips

and more!

Want more personal help with your writing? Learn about my MENTORSHIP GROUP!

Build Your Author Plaform
Social Media & Business
Building an Author Platform

Grow Your Platform with:




Writer Side Hustles

and more!

AuthorTube Channels
Video Ideas for AuthorTube Channels.png

To Start / Grow your AuthorTube:


Tips for Growth

30+ Video Ideas

Q&A with AuthorTubers

and more!

Websites & Newsletters
Author Website Newsletter Author Website

Learn all about:


Content, Branding & Design

Newsletter Content & Growth

Building Your Website

and more!

Want more personal help with your Author Platofrm? Learn about my MENTORSHIP GROUP!

Favorite Novel Craft Books & Courses
Craft Books

Disclaimer: Please note that this section contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a referral commission at no extra cost to you. This support helps keep my website up & running, and me writing! Thanks so much for your support!

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