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 The Five Faerie Clans of Faylan 

From the world of the YA Fantasy: ON WINGS OF ASH AND DUST

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The Gwyllions

Gwyllions are the strongest and boldest of the five faerie clans. Living in the mountains that surround the faerie world, they defend its borders from raiding giants and ferocious dragons with their own dragon-like wings and the flawless weapons they diligently forge. They value strength of body and will-power so fiercely that they stomp out any sign of weakness—even the need for emotion or magic. But deep beneath their determination and ambitiousness are protective, loyal hearts just waiting to be fanned into flame.

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Clan Descriptions
The Sylphs

Sylphs are the “bookworms” of the faerie world with their heads quite literally in the clouds, ruling all of Faylan from their sky city. With their majestic bird-like wings, skill with potions, and insatiable desire for knowledge, these faeries tend to be scribes, researchers, potions experts, and teachers. They also believe they are the only clan wise enough to rule their world, and they are determined to prove it.

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The Nymphs

Nymphs are an alluring clan who can live both on land and in their home in the sea because of their fin-like wings and ability to shift into a mermaid-like form. Valuing beauty above all else, these faeries tend to be everything from performers, musicians, artists, designers, and more. As the greatest entertainers and party throwers in all of Faylan, always looking for a reason to celebrate, they drink up life, deal with the hangover, and go right back in for more.

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The Dryads

Dryads are best known as the peacemakers of the faerie world, valuing the cultivation and protection of life above all else. Living in the forests, they have butterfly-like wings and often have physical features that mimic the plants and creatures they care for. Some are even “changelings” that can shapeshift into an animal or plant. While many are beast tamers and healing “mediks”, none should be underestimated. If you threaten their home or anyone they hold dear, you may not live to tell the tale.

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The Kobolds

Kobolds may be the most eccentric of the clans with their steampunk attire and bat-like wings, though they much prefer terms like “quirky”, “innovative” and “resourceful”. Valuing creativity above all else, Kobolds are single-handedly responsible for the advancement of the faerie world. Deep in their maze of underground tunnels, they mine the most powerful substance, pixie dust, for all of their miraculous inventions like ships that can fly. Never satisfied with the same old thing, the Kobolds are always coming up with something bigger and better, faster and stranger.

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