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What is a Critique Partner & Why You Should Have One

What is a Critique Partner?

A Critique Partner (or “CP”) is a fellow WRITER who helps critique your story by commenting on what they think is working and what they think can be improved.

Many writers find it most helpful to work with a CP before they send their manuscript out to betas, but you can work with a CP at ANY point before publishing.

Why should I have one?

Critique Partners are CRUCIAL to your book's success! They are not only a reader but a fellow writer who can give you honest critique on your story, characters, craft and also be a great cheerleader for you who actually understands how hard it is to write a book. If you need more convincing, my fellow author friend, Rachel, and discussed this topic in more detail (as well as the following questions) in a recent Live Q&A video we did on Critique Parters. You can watch it by clicking HERE or the image above.

What do you do once you have one?

Basically, both partners exchange manuscripts at the same time (some share in segments) and then comment and give feedback within the document or in a separate document.

What do they critique?

Partners can critique anything from plot structure and character development to formatting and grammar mistakes. Or all aspects! You just need to be clear with your partner what you want them to focus on.

How do I find one? And more importantly, how do I find a GOOD one?

Well hopefully we can help you with that!

Right now my Plotter Life Writers Facebook Group is hosting a 3-week #CPFinder Event that we believe will help take out all the stress and make finding a CP fun and rewarding! To get all the details, check out THIS BLOG POST or join our group to jump right in!



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