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My Series Bible Preview

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How are you prepping for #CampNaNoWrimo? While preparation for redrafting my WIP during camp, I’ve been busy putting together my Series Bible!

I’ve seriously started drafting this thing probably about 5 times now! But this July I’m committed to writing all the way through to “THE END”, and with this tool I feel so much more prepared!

If you don’t know, a SERIES BIBLE is a collection of character profiles, setting notes, and other story elements that you put together in order to use as a reference as you write, revise, or even to help you write sequels!

Mine isn’t quite complete yet (when it is, I’ll be making a VIDEO tutorial!) but so far, I’m including the following:


Working Title & Writing, Revising & Publishing Deadlines

SECTION 1: Plot Pages:

Working Outline / Story Timeline

Logline & Summaries

Comparable Projects / Inspiration



Important Icons / Symbols

Brainstorming Pages

SECTION 2: Characters Profiles:

Heroes, Villains, Minors

(Physical Description, Personality, Beliefs, Skills, History, Arc, etc…)

SECTION 3: World Building Profiles:

World Map, History, Politics, Weather, Hierarchy, Rules, Magic Systems, People Groups, Key Places, etc…

Gosh, this has been soooo helpful! 🙌

Would you like to see a series bible video tutorial? Have you tried creating one before?

Do you feel like mine is missing anything crucial?? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. If you’re still looking to join a #CampNaNo cabin, you can still join mine! Watch my latest IGTV video for more details ❤️



Brittany Wang is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Author, AuthorTuber, and Author Website Designer.

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