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How to Use Instagram for Writers | Collab with Meg LaTorre (iWriterly)

This week I was so excited to be interviewed by Meg LaTorre from iWriterly on how to use Instagram for writers. Though I wouldn't call myself an "expert", I have been on Instagram as an author since January of this year and grew my account to over 1,000 followers with tons of engagement in about 6 months!

In this video, I share with my Meg all my tips about:

  • When and what to post on Instagram

  • Best tips for taking great photos with your phone

  • What apps to use to edit your photos

  • How to write engaging captions

  • How to beat the algorithm

  • How to reach and connect with more readers and writers

  • How to make the most of all Instagram's features including Stories, Live, etc...

  • My thoughts on IGTV

  • and more!

Click HERE to watch the interview or click the image above!

If you'd also love to know how to master Twitter for Authors, check out my VIDEO where I interviewed Meg to get all her tips as well!



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Brittany Wang is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Author, AuthorTuber, and Author Website Designer.

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