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How to Master Twitter for Authors | An Interview with Meg LaTorre (iWriterly)

Have you been struggling as a writer to use Twitter effectively for your author platform? I know I have! That's why I enlisted the help of my friend and fellow AuthorTuber, Meg LaTorre from iWriterly!

She shared so much amazing insight in this interview, including:

  • What and when to tweet

  • How to use hashtags effectively

  • How to authentically connect with readers & writers

  • How to appropriately promote yourself and your books

  • How to engage with Literary Agents

  • How to engage in Twitter Chats & Contests

  • and more!

Click HERE or the image above to here all the amazing insights Meg had to share with me!

If you want to learn how to effectively use INSTAGRAM for Authors, check out Meg's video where she interviews me for all my tips!



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Brittany Wang is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Author, AuthorTuber, and Author Website Designer.

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