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How I Create My Author Life & Writing Schedule | Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Authors

It's great to have goals for your writing and author platform (if you want to get some inspiration for your own with my goals, see my last blog post!) but if you don't schedule regular time in to actually get those goals done, they'll never happen!

In today's YouTube video, I share with you three principals for creating your own writing schedule no matter what other life commitments you have (be it a part-time day job, a full time job, or you're a full time momma).

Here are the three principals I share:

  1. Identity how much time you want to devote to author/writing goals and what other commitments you'll have to work around

  2. Set up "Time Blocks" to work on accomplishing certain projects

  3. Identify your Top 3 Priorities for each day so that you know what to focus on if other unavoidable life-things pop up.

If you want to see these principals in action, CLICK HERE to watch my video where I walk you through creating my own schedule in my bullet journal, step-by-step. Happy planning!



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Unknown member
Jul 31, 2019

I really want to become an writing entrepreneur, but I want to know what do you actually create as a writer entrepreneur? Like, what do you create for other writers? I know you do YouTube, but what other resources? (btw you're super inspiring)


Brittany Wang is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Author, AuthorTuber, and Author Website Designer.

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