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Struggling to Grow

Your Author Platform?

Learn: How I Grew to 1800 Newsletter Subscribers in 1 Year!
(as an UNPUBLISHED Author!)
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Hey friends! I know growing your author platform can be super elusive & frustrating, so I polled a bunch of you on Instagram and Twitter and asked how I could help you most!


After getting in the results, the overwhelming question was:
"How do I grow an audience and keep them engaged, especially if I'm not published yet??"


For me, the answer was creating an Author Website & Newsletter that did a lot of the hard work for me!


So, I CANNOT WAIT to teach you the exact strategy & tactics I used to grow an engaged newsletter list of over 1800 in one year!

  • Why having an Author Website / Newsletter is the best way to grow your following and keep people engaged

  • How I Grew to 1800 newsletter subscribers in 1 Year as an Unpublished Author

  • My 4 Step Strategy to grow your subscriber count and engagement FAST

  • My “magic tool” for easily multiplying followers & engagement that you should be using

  • How to create OR improve your Author Website & Newsletter without the overwhelm + real case studies of others who’ve done it too

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