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On Wings of Fire and Fury

(Book 2 Teasers)

WARNING: If you haven't finished Book 1 yet, you may want to do that first before reading these teasers for Book 2!

Teasers so far:

1. Quinn & Aeron Song Inspo

2. Sneak Peek Line from Aeron

3. Alys and Tomah Surprise!

Teaser #1: Quinn & Aeron Song Inspo (Playlist)

So many of you have expressed your hopes that there will be much more of Quinn & Aeron's relationship in Book 2, and I'm so happy to announce that is exactly what I'm planning! The scenes that I've written for them so far are... ugh, there are no words! And I don't want to give away too much, BUT! There are 3 songs I've been listening to while writing their scenes that I think will give you some of the feels for what's to come, so I thought I'd share!


Below I share the songs and how they relate to the book, but you can also listen to the songs IN THIS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST!


Song #1: "Rewrite the Stars" from The Greatest Showman (movie) - Gosh! Just listen to the lyrics and imagine Aeron and Quinn singing the guy and girl parts respectively to each other. It fits them PERFECTLY, with Aeron being the one who is sure they are meant for each other and Quinn obviously having strong feelings too, but of course our girl is fighting them hard with all the obstacles in their way! Gives me chills every time!


Song #2: "Ghost" by Justin Bieber - Ok, admittedly, I'm not a big Justin-fan, BUT! THIS SONG!!! It definitely has Aeron vibes for Book 2. I won't share specifics, but just go listen to the song!


Song #3: "Elephant Love Medley" from Moulin Rouge (movie) - Similar to "Rewrite the Stars", the HEART of what these two characters are singing to each other is SO Aeron and Quinn! Aeron is the love-struck boy who believes "All you need is love", while Quinn sees all the reasons not to be together... but is slowly being pulled in by Aeron's faith in love. :) Enjoy!

Teaser #2: Sneak Peek Line from Aeron

Here's my favorite line from Aeron that I've written so far in my current draft. Every time I re-read it and think about the scene it's in, I get chills!


This line may or may not stay exactly the same after the book has gone through edits, but it definitely encompasses the vibes I'm building into Aeron's character and his dynamic with Quinn.


I hope it gives you all the feels and gets you even more excited for Book 2! 

Aeron Quote Teaser (1).png

Teaser #3: Alys & Tomah Surprise!

NOTE: This one is kind of "spoilery", but you find out about it within the first few chapters:


In Book 1, you learned that Alys has the ability to speak her thoughts into the minds of fae and creatures when she makes skin-to-skin contact. You may have already guessed that she does this with Tomah, her green dragon. But one thing you'll find out in Book 2 is that... Tomah also talks back!


With most other creatures, Alys can only sense their feelings and see their memories. But with Tomah, it's a full blown, word-for-word conversation. And since Alys is getting her own POV chapters, we get to hear Tomah's voice too! (And boy, is he a character. Their banter is becoming one of my favorite things!)


So, get ready for super fun "dragon-rider" vibes—and even more about them that is just too spoilery to reveal now. It will be so much more fun to discover the rest when you read the final book :)


Excited? I'll leave you with this image I found on Pinterest that totally gives Alys-Tomah vibes :)


[Disclaimer: I do not own this image]

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