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Bioshock Update 1.2 2022




Bug fixes and improvements: - Extensive fixes for crashing on PS4, both Old and New PS4 and Xbox One. - Improved downloading and instanting on PS4 and Xbox One. - Added Gamepads (Gamepads are now supported on Xbox One) - Added surround and custom sound in the general options. - Redone the main menu. - Removed all internet connection functions, No internet connection required. - Added all the crash and error fixes. - Other fixes and improvements. Patch 2. Released November 30, 2016 (PS4 and Xbox One) . 2.5 Patch - Added gamepad support on the PC. - Added compatibility for BioShock Infinite to play the game in different resolutions. - Added support for the PS4's HDTV with and without external speakers. 2.6 Patch - Fixed a crash when the game was closed in steam. - Fixed a bug that made it possible to increase the difficulty in a game of chance and resulted in an unfair win. 2.7 Patch - Fixed a crash in BioShock. - Fixed a bug that kept the player locked in the prison after death. - Fixed an issue in BioShock that made it impossible to obtain a second key. - Fixed a bug that made it impossible to take a key from a player who had lost it. 2.8 Patch - Fixed a bug that allowed the player to avoid all enemies on the last battle. - Fixed a bug that allowed the player to access all teleporters during the final battle. - Fixed a bug that made it impossible to earn the stamp in the final battle. - Fixed a bug that made it impossible to check whether the player had won the game or not. - Fixed a bug that caused an erroneous "error" if the player left the game during the final battle. 2.9 Patch - Removed the requirement of an internet connection to play the game. - Added a help option in the settings to display hints. - Added the tutorial on the Main Menu. - Added a button to turn on and off the tutorial. - Added the possibility to move the player



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Bioshock Update 1.2 2022
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