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Camp NaNoWrimo Prep | Join My Cabin

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This week’s posts are going to be all about how I prep for #campnanowrimo and how you can too! Camp is only less than a week away! Are you ready??

My first piece of advice is YOU NEED SUPPORT!

We all want to get a lot done this coming July and you better believe you’re going to have days where you’ll need a good kick-in-the-rear from your fellow writing pals! So here’s what I want you to do:


Share your writing or editing goal for Camp by posting it in the comments! Make it specific and get accountability by sharing it with us!


Want accountability for the long-haul? JOIN A CABIN! You can do this on the camp nano website, but if you want to be in a cabin with ME and bunch of my amazing friends, I’m going to be hosting a my cabin on my Writer’s FB Group! There’s no limit to how many can join! CLICK HERE to join us! (P.S. Even if you’ve already joined a cabin on the website, you can still also be in mine!)

Now it’s time to take some action! What are your goals for Camp? Also, if you having any good Camp-prepping tips, share them below! I’ll be sharing mine throughout the week so make sure you’re following my account so you don’t miss anything! 🤗



Brittany Wang is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy Author, AuthorTuber, and Author Website Designer.

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